By Diana Yeado

Reverend Oliver Goldie was born in Scotland in 1831 and emigrated to America through Canada. He entered through the port of Pembina in August of 1879 and was naturalized as an American citizen March 18, 1881. He was a cousin of the famous 18th century poet Robert Burns who was referred to as the Bard of Scotland.

Reverend Goldie was never known to have owned a home of his own. He traveled the region from the Turtle Mountains to Pembina, preaching the Gospel and staying with friends along the way. He was known to stay at a home for up to a month at a time and was always welcome wherever he went. He did not claim to belong to any denomination in particular, just a simple man of God.

An excerpt from the Pembina Pioneer Express of July 20, 1883 states that: "Rev. Goldie will preach on the Sabbath on July 22 at the following places and hours, Tyner at 11 a.m., Ernest at 2:20 p.m., and Neche at 7 p.m. His old friends will be glad to hear him and he will be pleased to see them."

Reverend Goldie lived among the Indians at the Turtle Mountains in his early years of preaching. In doing so, he acquired many of the habits of the Indian, including sleeping in the open air and riding his beloved pony Billy Buttons whom he purchased at Turtle Mountain.

When Reverend Goldie was seen on his short Indian pony, he was very noticeable with his long hair that he died bright yellow and his long legs dangling close to the ground.

His wish was to be buried beside his pony but Billy Buttons died five years before his master. Reverend Goldie bought a plot for his remains on the eastern edge of the Protestant cemetery near the main road. So he lay to rest his old friend in a spot about 10 feet north of the brick building where now there are three oak trees that form a triangle.

Oliver Goldie passed away March 19,1898 at the age of 78 in the home of his dear friend and Presbyterian minister, Rev. John Scott. Goldie is buried in the Walhalla Martyrs lot alongside locally famous preachers of the Gospel such as Sarah Philena Barnard, Elijah Terry, Rev. and Mrs. John Scott, and Cornelia Spencer.


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